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"The Man Who Wouldn’t Die does for Silicon Valley what Carl Hiaasen did for Florida, which is rollicking fun if you’d like your future to be a dystopia of terabytes. I’ll be first in line, or online, or retina scan, to get A.B. Jewell’s next installment.” 

–  Tim Dorsey, New York Times Bestselling Author

“If Philip Marlowe was a standup comic he might sound something like Fitch, the wisecracking, tech-savvy PI in this funny and twisted rejiggering of the classic detective novel. Think Silicon Valley meets The Big Sleep.” 

–  Mark Haskell Smith, author of Blown

“Forever Man is Dashiell Hammett 2.0, Raymond Chandler with emojis, James M. Cain after a trip to the Apple Store: The classic hardboiled detective novel, updated for 21st Century Silicon Valley and made hilarious. Even if you’ve read every P.I. novel out there, you’ve never read one like this before.” 

– Brad Parks, Shamus Award-winning author of Closer Than You Know

“Stuffed with so much invention. … A Hiaasen-esque farce.” 

– Kirkus Reviews

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